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Quebec language police say French threatened – yet again

30 avril 2015
This business will have to become French – or disappear. − Crédit image : Wikimedia

The Office québécois de la langue française, the provincial language watchdog, is back to its usual hysteria: in a press conference today, the oppressive language police repeated once more the wildly ridiculous claim that “French is being threatened”.

“We must be careful and prevent the decline of the French language, otherwise Quebec will lose its identity,” said the OQLF.

This comes at a time when the Couillard government is looking to expand the reach of Bill 101 to violently force businesses to switch to French names.

“The OQLF is always finding new ways to persecute the English minority, oppress them with rules and red tape, and make them live in a climate of insecurity,” a spokesperson for the English community said. “Of course, French has never been stronger in Quebec than it is today.”

No matter what the Neo-Nazis at the OQLF are saying, French is more prominent than ever. It is simply false to claim that English is growing in the media and public discourse, according to various studies. “Take a walk downtown and read online newspapers: you’ll see that everything is written in the language of Molière!”

At press time, Le Navet officially became a bilingual news website.